Samsung’s Business is Booming

By Daniel Salinas and Jeremiah Santinor


News about the recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has been blowing up all around the world. The recalls were due to the batteries Samsung used, which were meant for phones with higher operating systems. Charging the phones for too long overheats the battery, which can result in an explosion or fire. Over one hundred cases of the phones catching fire have been recorded in the U.S. alone. To solve the problem, Samsung found a new company to provide the batteries. Unfortunately, that didn’t fix the problem. They recalled the phone a second time, but this recall is permanent.

Reports say Samsung rushed the manufacturing in order to compete with the new iPhone 7 and overlooked the battery flaw. As a result, Samsung’s reputation has been taking heat. The Note 7 was released before the iPhone 7, but the iPhone 7 received superior reviews. Mark Newman, a Bernstein analyst said, “If a customer is going out to buy a phone, they’re going to buy an iPhone 7, not a Note 7.” Samsung highly encourages owners of the Note 7 to return their phones as soon as possible to ensure their safety; Samsung will pay one hundred dollars if a customer exchanges a Note 7 for another Samsung phone (In an effort to keep customers loyal).


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