Pokemon Sun and Moon Will Shake the Earth

By Christopher Caballero

Twenty years ago, on February 27, 1996, Japanese rolled out stores Pokemon Red and Green marking a major change in the history of the gaming industry. Today, the franchise is still going strong with its newest installments: Pokemon Sun and Moon.


In the game Pokemon Sun and Moon, based on the Hawaiian archipelago, players are new residents of the Alola Region and journey through the region, catching Pokemon and adding them to the team. Along the journey, players partake in the Rite of the Island Challenge and its many trials.

“These trials are not limited to battling with Pokemon, they take on a variety of forms such as finding items or completing tests of knowledge,” said Nintendo.

As players complete these trials, they are forced to face the evil Team Skull, a gang of ruffians who intend to hinder the player’s journey. It is up to the player how the game continues from there.

Sun and Moon aspires to be the most unique Pokemon game ever released. From Exeggutor’s transformation into a tall palm tree to Tapu Koko’s totem like design, Hawaiian influence is heavily seen in this installment. Sun and Moon drastically separates from Pokemon’s norms, from the replacement of Gym Leaders and the Elite Four to Totem Pokemon and Kahunas. Which, according to Shigeru Ohmori, the director of this installment, are to make it so that the player “can feel an atmosphere and sense of closeness that makes it seem as though you are in the Alola region yourself.”

Pokemon Sun and Moon have a variety of features to entice new and old players alike. They create these features by revisiting previously used concepts like Pokemon Amie from Pokemon X and Y, where the player can pet and feed their Pokemon, and upgrading them to improved features such as Pokemon Refresh, where the player can now clean and heal their Pokemon. Newer features such as the Poke-Pelago, where the player’s boxed Pokemon can go on adventures and find items to aid the player on their journey, and the Festival Plaza ,where other players can visit and interact with the player, are exciting and innovative additions to the franchise and will provide an entertaining experience.

Sun and Moon released a special demo on October 18th. In this demo, players will be able to obtain a very special Greninja, Ash-Greninja. This Greninja transforms after defeating an enemy in battle, and can be transferred to a player’s copy of Sun and Moon when the games are released November 18th, 2016. So be on the look-out.


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