Voting Matters, By: Brady McMahon


Americans have their priorities straight. Taking selfies constantly, staying on social media hours at a time, and spending time on xbox rather than going outside. These activities are much more important than deciding the fate of the United States of America. It seems that voting for the leaders of America is not the trend anymore. Voting is the backbone of democracy and  without it, we may not have Facebook, selfie sticks, or Modern Warfare 3.

       In 2014, the U.S. Census data calculated that the 2014 elections had the worst turnout from a “developed country” ever. That is pitiful considering the United States is the 3rd largest country, population wise, in the world. The reason for not voting is the same reason people don’t want to hang out with co-workers; a lame excuse to stay on the couch.  According to a survey by Al Jazeera America, 28% of people said they were too busy, 16% were not interested, and 8% forgot to vote. Those reasons are absurd. Some reason that it takes too long, but they would rather wait overnight for a new pair of shoes. Income also plays a role in voting. Statistics have shown that people that make less than 10 dollars an hour have a 25% voting rate. That number rises as the money goes up.

     Why should I care? Elections don’t matter to one individual. These questions are brought up with ignorance in the air. One of the most pressing issues is that of social security. The United States has a large number of lower income families that rely partly on social security. The government has heard grumbling that social security has “outlived its effectiveness” and might discontinue it. This is true for many programs and companies associated with the government, and if a particular candidate is elected then it could be “bye bye program.”  Proposed changes like this one could make or break a candidate’s campaign.

     Some Presidential candidates, both in and out of the race, have some controversial opinions that should question their position in society.  For example, Jim Webb says, “Affirmative action should only be for African Americans.”  On the subject of police brutality, Rand Paul states, “Blacks look who’s in jail and conclude cops are put to get them.” We should discuss that Jim Webb is out of the race and Rand Paul is falling down in the polls.  Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…Donald Trump.  As the polls show, he can explain himself and his views.  We, as in all the Americans, need to vote so he stays a businessman, not Commander and Chief of America.


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