Halloween, By: Brady Mcmahon


Halloween is a time for terrifying ghouls and witches but in return children receive a candy mountain and end up in a candy coma. For the teenagers, it is the time for ignoring the urge to secretly trick or treat. Parents are there just for the kids, but are secretly reminiscing about the old days with ghost sheets and chocolate bars. That is halloween.. for American suburbia.

  Halloween was originally called “All Hallows Eve” and dates back around 2000 years ago with the Celtic (pronounced like the basketball team). During that time, the Shamian festival was around October 31st and november 1st .The Celtic people thought that on October 31st the living world and the dead world were connected and ghosts would come to earth. The ghosts were said to destroy crops and start mischief. In order to prevent it, the people would build a large bonfire and wear costumes to scare them off. That time of year Druids, professional class of the Celtics, would predict the future of their land for good or bad. The Druids, however, did not predict the Romans.

     The Romans who probably had a case of wanderlust, ended up conquering the Celtic people, who resided in Ireland, England, and Northern France, and with the Romans came combining of culture. Romans combined the Shamin Festival, Feralia, a holiday about of the passing dead, and Pomana, which is the goddess of fruit and trees. Then Pope Gregory the 3rd made November 1st about honoring all the saints and martyrs.

    In America, Halloween was not widely popular because of the Christian influence all around, it started to gain popularity in Maryland. But in the New England region, the persecution of women, who were supposedly “witches”, occurred, known as the Salem WItch Trials. Now now we are past that and we welcome witches as if they start with a “b”.


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