By Nevaes Gordon It’s winter sports season and the TJ Basketball team is ready. Coming off a great record last year of 24-4, the varsity boys are hoping to stay hot. In hopes of returning to the UMD court this season, the team is concentrating on staying focused, building teamwork, and practicing hard. The roster … More Basketball

Technology in School

By Charlotte Cooper and Harmony Clark Photo taken by Harmony Clark “Our brains have changed faster in 15 years as humans than they did in one-thousand plus years as a result of the screen age. We can’t know how this will impact us going forward,” said Jared Atwell, a history teacher with fourteen years of … More Technology in School

Baby, It’s Christmas Outside

By Alionie Georges Christmas is quickly approaching us. People are experiencing the soothing feeling of love and excitement of the holidays. Families are gathering together to decorate their houses  with captivating garlands, dazzling lights, extravagant gifts; some are even getting ready for trips to far warmer places, experiencing different Christmas traditions. Christmas is undoubtedly one … More Baby, It’s Christmas Outside

3 Simple Cookie Recipes That Will Make Your Christmas Sweet

Isabella Ennis Raspberry and Almond Thumbprint Cookies These soft raspberry jelly topped cookies will just melt in your mouth. They are also very simple to make, don’t take up a whole lot of time, and are the perfect holiday gifts that family and friends will love! Ingredients: 1 cup of softened butter ⅔ cup of … More 3 Simple Cookie Recipes That Will Make Your Christmas Sweet

“Juuls” in School

Nevaes Gordon Vapes and e-cigarettes are becoming an epidemic within the youth population. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has gotten involved due to the dangers of using these smoking supplements. Students from elementary to high school are now using vapes and e-cigarettes to smoke in school. “Juuls,’’ a common name for an e-cigarette, are … More “Juuls” in School

High Schoolers Show Nazi Salute

By Winter Hawk From On November 11, 2018, a picture was posted on Twitter showing around 60 young men laughing as they lifted their right arms to mimic the “Sieg Heil” greeting, used in Hitler’s Germany.  The original post was accompanied by the comment, “We even got the black kid to throw it up.” … More High Schoolers Show Nazi Salute

The Epidemic of Senioritis: Do TJ Seniors Have It?

By Katelin Ziedelis Picture this: a high school student, a senior, shows up late to class. While this might not seem like a big problem or anything overt to worry about, this specified student also does not have her homework completed. In addition, this student seems to not have put much effort into her appearance … More The Epidemic of Senioritis: Do TJ Seniors Have It?