Jayden Fosburg: An Artist’s Path to Self Expression

By J.F. Renn Many have been blessed with the gift of artistic talent, and some have been fortunate enough to be able to nurture these skills. At the Academy for the Fine Arts, an advanced half-day art program at Thomas Johnson High School, there is no shortage of talented students. One such student, Jayden Fosburg, … More Jayden Fosburg: An Artist’s Path to Self Expression

Feeling Trashy?

By Isabella Ennis & Nenita GapudTressler How many times have you heard the phrase “What you do matters”? The truth is many students never stop to think about  the consequences of what they do, especially in their day-to-day lives. But it is in these moments that, collectively, matter, especially when it comes to the environment. … More Feeling Trashy?

Vaping: the real cost

By Lucy Adkins Vaping has become a national sickness, and some say teens are the target. E-cigarettes, an alternative to cigarettes, have become increasingly popular with flavors like mango and strawberry being sold. Teen smoking rates have risen because of the variety of types of vapes and how accessible they are becoming. People have been … More Vaping: the real cost

The TJ Newscast

By David Norris Next semester, Thomas Johnson news will get a bit more interesting. Video morning announcements are returning! Kristen Ion, the teacher for the new announcements class, said, “The goal is to record [the announcements] first block. We’ll record, edit, and then make sure they’re published!” Ion believes that this method of distribution will … More The TJ Newscast

Political Parties 101

By Lucy Adkins Politics today seems black and white: Democrat and Republican; Liberal and Conservative. It seems like there is no in between, like there is no further choice. But it isn’t as black and white as it seems. “Political parties are a difference in ideology,” said Robert Lemmon, Foundation of Technology teacher. Though George … More Political Parties 101

The Polarizing Effect of Tribal Politics

By J.F. Renn With one side screaming “fake news” and the other claiming “fascist,” it’s difficult to openly communicate in American politics today, and that’s a problem. These polarized political beliefs divide the country along party lines, resulting in tribal politics. The term “tribal politics” invokes ideas about wars between Native nations or African tribes, … More The Polarizing Effect of Tribal Politics